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School Curriculum

The curriculum offered at Alderman Knight School reflects the individual needs of the pupils and the National Curriculum. The school works hard to ensure that all pupils benefit from a stimulating and creative curriculum that enables them to enjoy their learning, achieve well and develop feeling of self-worth and confidence.

In designing an appropriate curriculum the school, together with parents and carers and additional professionals as appropriate, continually assesses pupils’ individual strengths as well as their individual needs. This allows their teachers to build on these strengths and use them to support development in other areas. This approach leads to a curriculum that provides wide ranging learning experiences with an appropriate balance for each pupil between academic achievement and individual needs in terms of personal, social and emotional development.

In addition for some pupils a specific curriculum experience is developed that enables the pupil to benefit from a continuum of provision between a mainstream school and the specialist provision at Alderman Knight School.

We are really proud that all pupils have the opportunity to study for a wide range of external accreditation and all pupils leave school with an impressive portfolio demonstrating their considerable achievements which provide them with a really good basis for further education and the world of work.

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KS4 Curriculum Offer

Transition between Key stages within Alderman Knight School will be discussed with Parents and Carers at parent’s evenings and during EHCP reviews. Pupils will get the opportunity to take part in transition days and staff will be on hand to reassure and make pupils feel happy and comfortable with upcoming transitions.

During the transition period between Key Stage 3 and 4 parents and carers will be advised of the most appropriate pathway for their child and will receive information on the suitable qualifications to be studied in Key Stage 4.

View or download our Pathway booklets:

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