Transition at Alderman Knight

We work hard to make sure pupils have a smooth transition into Alderman Knight School. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will contact Parents and Carers to arrange a personalised transition plan. An information pack will be sent out with permission forms and school information.

We will also provide photographs of the school setting to allow pupils to start to become familiar with the environment.

Transition between Key Stages

Transition between Key stages within Alderman Knight School will be discussed with Parents and Carers at parent’s evenings and during EHCP reviews. Pupils will get the opportunity to take part in transition days and staff will be on hand to reassure and make pupils feel happy and comfortable with upcoming transitions.

During the transition period between Key Stage 3 and 4 parents and carers will be advised of the most appropriate pathway for their child and will receive information on the suitable qualifications to be studied in Key Stage 4.

View or download our Pathway booklets:

Transition to Further Education and Employment

At Alderman Knight we employ a specific transition manager - Rachel Dickinson. Rachel meets with pupils, parents, and carers in Year 9 to discuss further education and employment opportunities. She will also attend EHCP reviews and input into transitions plans.


If you have any questions or queries about post 16 options and employment please make an appointment to speak to her with the school office.