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Mrs Frearson's 2.6 Challenge

Mrs Frearson is reading 26 pages, walking 2.6 miles and baking 26 biscuits

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For the 2.6 challenge we did 3 activities. The first was to make 26 chocolate chip biscuits and we raised £10 for these! The next activity we chose was to read 26 pages of a book between us - Ellen read more pages than I did! Lastly, we are doing a 26 mile walking challenge throughout this week to see how far the marathon participants have to run. The walking challenge means we have been enjoying all the spring blossom and hearing the cuckoo call as we notch up the miles! We’ve enjoyed doing the 2.6 Challenge and we hope to receive more sponsor money when we complete our 26 mile walk. Thanks to everyone for donating so far and stay safe! 

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