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 First Aid 

First Aid

Head Bumps

We now have a new procedure in place for head bumps whereby, any pupil who suffers a head bump will be issued with a red “Bumped Head Wristband”. A wristband will be given to any child who has been presented to a first aider with a bump to any part of their body from the neck upwards (including eyes, ears, nose, lips etc).

Children will be told that this band must remain on their wrist until they get home to show parents/carers. 

The wristband notifies you that one of our First Aiders looked after and assessed your child and at the time it was not thought necessary to refer him/her for further attention.

However, in rare circumstances, symptoms can develop up to 24 hours after the injury. Should any of the following conditions occur please refer the child to a doctor, preferably at the local Casualty Department:

• Severe headache (persistent)
• Does not like bright light
• Vomits
• Dizzy, double or blurred vision
• Becomes disorientated or confused, cannot remember the recent past
• Has an apparent alteration in consciousness level

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