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 International Award 

British Councils International School Award

Alderman Knight School successfully achieved the International Schools Intermediate Award as a result of the work done with our partner school, Holy Cross School in Livingstone, Zambia. This award is given to schools that have:

"shown a commitment to embedding international awareness and understanding within their class or school." (

The feedback from the British Council’s assessor comment highlights the exceptional quality of international classroom activities carried out at Alderman Knight School and Holy Cross School in Zambia. We are really pleased with positive feedback and thank the pupils and staff for the wonderful classroom activities. The message we received from the British Council below, highlights the amazing work:

‘’This is a first class application by Alderman Knight School which meets the International School Award criteria for the Intermediate level. Well done! The content starts with informative statements on your context and the history of the personal connection by British and Zambian educators. The five activities then all connect with the overseas partner in Livingstone, Zambia. The range and relevance of the activities is exceptional, not only for content but also for delivery.’’ (British Council Assessor)

Both schools used technology to connect their classrooms, linking pupils 5000 miles apart in a wide variety of different learning activities. Alderman Knight School was also supported in the classroom by Zambians who live in Tewkesbury and Cheltenham, who engaged and supported the pupils’ learning.

''It was great to be involved in such a venture and make a contribution.  Please keep doing this and thank you for carrying Zambia to UK."   Anthony Lubasi - Zambian Living in Tewkesbury.


The main focus of the international work involved the running of two successful activity days, the first involving all of key stage 3 pupils on the 16th November 2021 supported by a some KS4 pupils, and the second involving primary on July 8th 2022.  During the course of both days pupils engaged in multiple activities, supported by our partnership lead teacher Emeldah Hachinene and pupils from Holy Cross school. The activities included learning about Zambian food, music and culture, creating Zambian Masks, playing the Zambian game ‘Washomba wa Loba’, and completing maths work entitled ‘Zambia in Numbers’. In addition, work was carried out on conservation with a focus on ‘Save the Rhino.’; this work continues today, and is now embedded in the geography curriculum. The Zambian game ‘Washomba wa Loba’ is still used as part of Wake and Shake and has proved to be a very popular activity.

As we move forward, we hope to continue our work with Holy Cross School, developing our link further and embedding international learning across our curriculum; supporting and enriching the learning for young people within the classroom from both our schools. We have really enjoyed working with Emeldah and the pupils from Holy Cross School and look forward to planning some new exciting activities and connecting our classrooms once again. Emeldah and her pupils have also enjoyed our partnership and she shares this message with the school community.

''Thanks for every effort you make for us to be able to interact with your people. God bless you all.'' Emeldah Hachinene - Holy Cross School, Livingstone.

In addition for some pupils a specific curriculum experience is developed that enables the pupil to benefit from a continuum of provision between a mainstream school and the specialist provision at Alderman Knight School.

We are really proud that all pupils have the opportunity to study for a wide range of external accreditation and all pupils leave school with an impressive portfolio demonstrating their considerable achievements which provide them with a really good basis for further education and the world of work.


Pupils and Staff from Holy Cross School live via Zoom

Traditional Zambian dance

Pupils learning some traditional Zambian drumming


Making Zambian masks


Anthony from Zambia and pupils in Zambia (live via Zoom) talking to pupils in primary.


Pupils tasting Zambian Food

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