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 Health Support 

Alderman Knight school has developed a holistic approach to supporting pupils with additional needs and medical conditions. Support is provided by a network of staff throughout the school, communication is central to this and all staff involved with the pupil develop an in depth knowledge of a child’s individual needs to allow them to play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.

The pastoral team work closely with tutor team, professionals, pupils and families to build reciprocal relationships with parents and professionals in order to develop strategies and support networks. We work closely with the School Nursing service and other medical professionals to ensure that we can support your child's medical needs fully.

We pride ourselves on building resilience and independence, children are encouraged to be confident in addressing their needs allowing them to feel well supported at all times. Pupils develop self-help skills and request help or support when they need it. Increasing their ability and skills to enable them to participate fully in their care and ultimately to achieve the greatest level of independence. The school will make every effort to minimise the impact on a child’s educational attainment and support his or her emotional and general well-being.


Tutor teams work directly with pupils and parents on a day to day basis. Whilst dedicated members of the Pastoral Team coordinate provision with external agencies and provide ongoing support for parents and pupils.


Dealing with the complexities of needs can be stressful and exhausting for parents and children, the Pastoral Support Coordinator works alongside parents, pupils and professionals as an advocate, to help and also to offer emotional support and increase well-being. Parents are able to discuss their worries and concerns and are supported in being signposted for referrals.   

On Your Mind Glos - children & young people's mental health


Lumi Nova app that has recently become available for free for all families across Gloucestershire. This comes recommended by the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL) Hub and was developed by NHS clinicians and academics and is based around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Exposure Therapy guidelines but is not in any way affiliated with Alderman Knight School. 

Lumi Nova Tales of Courage

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