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 Values and Ethos 

Vision Statement

The school wishes to be recognised as a dynamic, vibrant, centre of excellence that is an integral part of the local community and county's provision for pupils with special educational needs and wholly committed to ensuring they grow up to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives.

Aim of the School

 "To provide a supportive learning community that enables all children to thrive" 

  • Pupils are provided with an enriched and extended curriculum, tailored to individual needs. This will help them develop positive feelings of self-worth and confidence and will enable them to make a successful transition to adulthood and be active and responsible citizens.

  • Parents, carers and families are encouraged and enabled to engage in their children's learning. They will be consulted and involved in decision-making processes and this will enable the school to ensure provision both for their children and themselves is accurately matched to need.

  • Staff will have their individual needs recognised and will be helped to build on their strengths and enabled to develop their skills further through appropriate professional development opportunities.

  • It works together with its local community of schools to extend the opportunities for all pupils to develop their individual strengths and potential.

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