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The Alderman Knight School 2.6 Challenge

A lot of our staff are taking part in their own 2.6 challenges, you can find out what they are up to below

There may be some photos, so check back regularly!

2.6 challenge logo.jpg

Mr Lea

Mr Lea is rowing for 26 minutes on a rowing machine for 26 days


Mr Jarvis

Mr Jarvis is managing 26 days of updating the 2.6 Challenge web page!


Mrs Steel

Mrs Steel is running 2.6 miles on 26 days between
the 26th April – 26th May


Mrs R shaw

Mrs Shaw is creating 26 adventures with her bathroom ducks


MiSs Whittacker-Ballard

Miss Whittacker-Ballard is doing 26 minutes of boxing for 26 days




Mrs Silverthorn is rowing

2 x 6 minutes


Mrs H Shaw

Mrs Shaw is walking 2.6 miles a day for a week
picking up litter

Mr Foulkes

Mr Foulkes is doing 26 press-ups, on the hour, every hour for 13 hours over 2 days. A total of 676 press-ups

Miss G Collier

Miss Collier is running 26 miles over 2 days
with 2600ft of climb

Miss Hopkins

Miss Hopkins is sewing a quilt with 26 different
designs of squares

Mrs Hook

Mrs Hook is walking her dog over 26 minutes a day and doing 26 minutes of ab workouts until we return to school

Mrs Sugrue

Mrs Sugrue is find out how to say 'Thank you (NHS)' in 26 different languages


Mrs Lea

Mrs Lea is playing 26 piano pieces over 26 days


Miss Williams

Miss Williams is riding her horse whilst bouncing a polocrosse ball against the rebound net / wall 26 times in a row

MisS Foster

Miss Foster is drawing 26 drawings over 26 days


Mr Jones

Mr Jones is running a total of 26km x 2 between April 26th and May 26th


Miss Khan

Miss Khan is baking 26 items to give to neighbours every Sunday during lockdown

the AKS Dance Crew

Mrs Dickinson, Mrs Beale, Mrs Davies, Mrs Anslow, Mrs Francis, Mrs Tuck, Miss Collier, Miss Price and Miss Hall are all dancing fro 26 minutes!

Mrs Fraerson

Mrs Frearson is reading 26 pages, walking 2.6 miles and baking 26 biscuits

Mrs Kuzma

Mrs Kuzma is reading 5 books with over
2600 pages altogether over 26 days



Miss Bailey is walking 26 times around a field with
her dog, Shadow


MrS Brown 

Mrs Brown from 4D is walking 2.6 miles for 10 days


Mr Coombs

Mr Coombs is having a family challenge of walking 26km over a week. He's also cycling 26 miles with 2600ft of climb

Miss Wilbur

Miss Wilbur is walking at least 2.6 miles for 26 days


Mrs Vickery

Mrs Vickery is walking, running and cycling a total of 26 miles


Mrs Hooper

Mrs Hooper is baking 26 biscuits for her neighbours


Mrs Sipek

Mrs Sipek is cycling 26 miles

Mr Goodchild

Mr Goodchild is cycling 26 miles

Miss Potter

Miss Potter is cycling 26 miles in 26 days

Mrs Stanford

Mrs Stanford is having a family cycle ride totaling 26 miles


Mrs Wardrop

Mrs Wardrop is doing 2 x 6 burpees a day for 26 days


Mrs A Jones (4B)

Mrs Jones is walking 26 miles in 7 days ending on 26th April

Mrs Mattingley

Mrs Mattingley is walking her dogs, Alfie and Lola a 2.6 mile loop twice every day for 26 days


mr Degenkolb

Mr Degenkolb is doing 26 sit-ups


Miss Robson

Miss Robson is doing 26 minutes of exercise every day for 26 days


Mrs Dickinson

Mrs Dickinson is dancing for 26 minutes 

Mr Webb

Mr Webb is climbing a ladder 26 times

Miss Attenborough

Miss Attenborough is runnning 26 miles over 26
days between the 26th April – 26th May

Mrs Mulhern

Mrs Mulhern is running for at least 26 minutes for 26 days 


Mr Hunt

Mr Hunt is chipping 26 golf balls into a bucket and running


Mrs Lamburn

Mrs Lamburn is spotting 26 birds within 2.6 miles

Miss Irwin(3I)

Miss Irwin is meditating daily for 26 days 


Mrs Anslow

Mrs Anslow is sewing and quilting 26 bags


Mrs Milner

Mrs Milner is crocheting 26 squares to make
into a blanket


Mrs Jones (3L)

Mrs Jones is drawing 26 drawings in 26 minutes

Miss Price

Miss Price is singing a song a day for 26 days

mrs Buggins

Mrs Buggins is singing a song a day for 26 days

Mrs Barlow

Mrs Barlow is doing 26 minutes of exercise for 26 days


Miss Postans

Miss Postans is learning 2 new Signs every day for 26 days using the Total Communication website

Mrs Tyler

Mrs Tyler is walking 26 miles in 26 Countries, on her Ifit treadmill (1 mile a day!). Starting with a tour of London

Mrs Cutting

Mrs Cutting is cutting 26cm off her hair

Mr Bentley

Mr Bentley is running 2.6 miles twice a week for as long as he can


Miss Bayley

Miss Bayley is trying something she's never done before, each day for 26 days


Mrs Hiorns

Mrs Hiorns is walking

1km a day for 26 days


Mrs L Brown

Miss Brown is walking her dog 2.6 miles

mrs Buggins

Mrs Buggins is singing a song a day for 26 days

Mrs Barlow

Mrs Barlow is doing 26 minutes of exercise for 26 days


Mrs Ditchburn

Mrs Ditchburn is running 26 minutes on her treadmill for 26 days

Mr Wilkinson

Mr Wilkinson is doing 26 minutes of exercise a day for 26 days

Mrs Howes

Mrs Howes is collecting donations for Cheltenham Foodbank

Follow the link for more details

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