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 AKS Post-16 Centre 

Welcome to the Alderman Knight School Post-16 Centre

Our Post-16 Centre opened in September 2017 and is a wonderful learning space. It is our aim to ensure that our students will be provided with a curriculum that builds on their current knowledge, skills and understanding as well as their strengths and interests. The curriculum will ensure progression and include opportunities to further develop essential life skills, vocational skills, academic learning and personal qualities that will help them towards employability and independence at a level suited to their needs.


For more information click on the following download links.

Download Links

Post-16 Information Booklet 

Post-16 Bursary Policy 2023/24

Post-16 Bursary Fund Application Form 2023/24

Post-16 Student videos

KS5 Curriculum Offer

During the transition between Key Stage 4 and 5, students, parents and carers will be advised of the most appropriate options. This is facilitated by a process which begins early in the Spring term where students and their parents/carers have the opportunity to express an interest in a wide range of 8 subjects after receiving the Options Expression of Interest Booklet - which provides an overview of the potential courses on offer, the accreditations available, how the course is assessed, potential next steps after completion, opinions of current students and what learning looks like for those studying the course. Expressions of interest are then analyzed in order to provide a final options selection list from which students can choose three subjects, from three option blocks, which, alongside the core curriculum offer at KS5 will provide them with a balanced and appropriate range of subjects that are in line with what was requested by the cohort as a whole - as well as the necessary focus on preparation for work experience and preparation for adulthood. 

Students also receive a core subject booklet which provides further information on our core curriculum which all students study in Key Stage 5.

Both of this years booklets are available for you to download and view below:

Current Qualifications

In KS5 we currently offer a wide range of accreditations across the curriculum at the appropriate level for the cohorts of students. Click on the link below to view the full list of what is offered. This is reviewed annually. 

Take a look at our Post-16 experience (designed and created by current students)

Life At Post-16
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Belgian School visit to Alderman Knight

Visit by our Belgian friends to Alderman Knight
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