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School uniform information

Alderman Knight School has a simple but smart uniform for all pupils.

This is as follows:

  • White shirt or polo shirt

  • Grey or black trousers, knee length skirt, pinafore dress, school shorts or school culottes.


[Please note: - Jeans or jogging / sports trousers are not acceptable as school uniform]

  • Black or brown shoes


[Please note: - Trainers, even if black, are not acceptable as school uniform]

  • Sweatshirts or cardigan – all pupils are required to have a sweatshirt or cardigan.

    • Primary pupils – cherry red sweatshirt or cardigan

    • Secondary pupils – navy sweatshirt or cardigan


[Please note: - Hoodies are not acceptable as school uniform]

  • If it is cold a coat should be provided to be worn outside.


  • In the summer months’ pupils can wear red & white gingham summer dresses or grey school shorts. 

In order to protect our pupil’s modesty, we would like to suggest that cycling shorts / PE shorts might be worn under dresses / skirts.  Please could you send your child in with the above item, especially in the summer months, when tights, shorts, culottes or trousers are not worn.

School uniform with and without logo can be bought from School Trends Website: -

However, you are welcome to purchase from alternative retailers and a logo is not a requirement.


Pupils can only wear one small stud earring in each ear.  No other piercings are permitted, including Ear Stretching devices.  Pupils are allowed to wear a watch.  No other jewellery should be worn in school.   Please note – there are occasions when it will be necessary for pupils to remove all earrings and watches for health and safety reasons.


Extreme hair styles are not allowed and hair should not be shaved below a grade 1.  Patterns are not to be shaved into the hair or eyebrows. Hair colouring is only allowed if it appears natural; no unnatural colours please. Hair extensions are not allowed.   


Facial Hair

With exceptions on the grounds of religion, pupils are expected to be clean shaven.

Make up

Makeup and nail varnish should not be worn to school

These requirements are not exhaustive; the Head Teacher has absolute discretion

Uniform for Physical Education

Your child will participate in physical activities and will require the following kit. Please contact the school office if it is not possible for you to provide the clothing listed. All pupils will be expected to take part in physical activities planned by the school unless a letter is received from the parent explaining why they cannot take part.

Kit required for indoor activities:

  • Trainers with good grips (possibly with Velcro if they find tying laces difficult although we will try and help teach them)

  • Navy shorts or cycling shorts

  • Skort (a PE skirt and short combination)

  • White tee shirt or polo shirt

  • White socks

  • Towel

  • Hair bobble for long hair

  • Roll on deodorant

Kit required for outdoor activities:

As above with the addition of a navy tracksuit or navy jogging bottoms for cold weather activities.


  • Swimming trunks (not below the knee) / costume (one piece)

  • Towel                                                                         

  • Brush or comb           

  • Roll on deodorant

  • Hair bobble for long hair


Please ensure all kit is named and that no aerosol deodorants are sent into school

Discretionary School Uniform Grant

A discretionary school uniform grant is available for pupils who qualify for Free School Meals AND are either transferring to Alderman Knight School, or are already at Alderman Knight School transitioning from Primary to Secondary phases.

To qualify for this discretionary financial support your child must currently be in receipt of Free School Meals.


To apply for this financial assistance, please send your request in writing to the School Business Manager, Alderman Knight School, Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury, Glos, GL20 8JJ or email


A successful applicant will be informed via email and will then be reimbursed up to the amount of £50.00 on production of the purchase receipts. This is a one off payment, and will be reimbursed by cheque. Successful applicants should allow up to 7 school days for the cheque to be drawn.

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