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 Sharing Progress 2022-23 

Plans for Sharing Pupil Progress


As we go through each academic year, we try really hard to ensure you feel well informed about what your child is learning in school and their progress in all areas of the curriculum, as well as their personal and social development.

The following gives a summary of the plans we already have in place:


1. Termly overviews


Each term you will receive a summary information sheet that highlights what areas your child will be learning in each of their subject areas.

2. Tutor team meetings


Every year we schedule a meeting at the start of the new academic year and just before the end of the school year, for you to talk with your child’s tutor. The dates for these are;


  • Tuesday 4th October 2022

  • Tuesday 11h July and Wednesday 12th July 2023


In addition, for parents/ carers of pupils in Y7 and Y8 there will be additional opportunity for you to meet your child’s tutor on Thursday 16th February 2023 – This additional opportunity has been scheduled to provide a mid-year meeting as the EHCP reviews for Y7 and Y8 are later in the year.

3. EHCP review meetings


All our pupils and students, as they have EHCPs, will of course, have a full EHCP review meeting.

We like to hold these in school and to have them face-to-face and we allow an hour and a half for these meetings. As you know, this meeting is extremely important as it allows us all to review the EHCP and the progress your child has made against the agreed outcomes in the plan. It provides time to review the needs of your child, provision and identify any changes, amendments or new outcomes required, to help ensure your child continues to make progress.


Please note although this meeting is often called the ‘Annual Review’ it does not take place on the date the EHCP was issued as it might have done previously and while at AKS, the time of the review will be dependent on the year group your child is in. The plan for reviews is given below.

EHCP review dates

Miss Watson EHCP co-ordinator, will send home a letter with the proposed date of the review six weeks before the planned date.


  • Term 1 (Sept/ Oct) – Y11, Y13, Y14, Y15 

  • Term 2 (Nov/Dec) – Y9 

  • Term 3 (Jan/Feb) – Y5 and Y10

  • Term 4 (Mar/April) – Y3, Y4, Y6, Y12

  • Term 5 (April/May) – Y7, Y8

4. Subject teacher meetings for pupils in Y9, Y10, Y11 and students in Post 16

If your child is in Y9 or above, you will have an opportunity to ‘meet’ with the staff who teacher your child.


The dates for this year are as below;

  • Y11, Y13, Y14, Y15 Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th October 2022


  • Y9, Y10, Y12 Thursday 9th February 2023


Please note for Y9 pupils this meeting will include a discussion re possible option choices for your child in Key Stage.


  • Y6 Wednesday 15th February 2023


This is a special meeting for parents/ carers of pupils in Y6 to discuss the End of KS2 Assessments that Y6 pupils may take.​


5. Reports – All pupils and students will receive two reports a year


In addition to the discussions with staff, we provide two reports each year to help you know exactly how your child is doing. School reports are a great record of the progress across the years!

You will receive the following;


  • Full school report – these will be completed in the final term and will be sent home prior to the last parents and carers meeting in July 2023.


  • Interim reports – this is a shorter report but provides an update re progress in every subject area and any areas for development. 


Please note we will be writing interim reports to support your child’s EHCP review as well as for discussion at subject parent and carers evenings.

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