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 Support at Home 

Support at Home


At Alderman Knight School we work with parents and carers to support learning at home. We understand the difficulties some pupils will have completing work at home and as a result we have developed a flexible homework approach in collaboration with parents and carers. Homework is discussed at the first parents evening in September and agreed with those parents who would like to support it.

In KS2, pupils homework is usually weekly and is designed to develop reading and comprehension skills.

In KS3, homework is based around literacy or numeracy. The homework is often on a topic agreed with the pupil - that way we generally (though not always) get it back completed.

In KS 4, pupils can expect some homework dependent upon the exams/accreditations they are working towards. There are times, particularly for exam students, when we set homework especially as they approach exams. We might use revision sheets, workbooks, and websites such as Bitesize in Maths, English and Science.

We have purchased subscriptions to a number of resources to aid the development of literacy and numeracy skills. These resources can also be accessed from home and are used routinely for homework.

This is a Maths resource with individual logins for pupils. Work is linked to a pupil’s current stage and their teacher sets appropriate tasks. Engaging activities and games with built-in rewards from Foundation stage to Key Stage 5.

Pupils use the Accelerated Reader package in school to promote reading for pleasure and aid comprehension. Parents and Carers can login to their child’s account to see which books they have completed, quiz scores and get book recommendations.

Logins for each of these on-line resources will be sent out in the Autumn Term. If you need logins sent home please contact your child’s tutor.

We often hold sessions for parents and carers to come into school to find out more about how pupils are taught and how they can support at home.

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