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 Behaviour for Learning 

At Alderman Knight School we are extremely proud of the behaviour for learning that is demonstrated by our pupils on a daily basis whether in school our out and about in the community on school trips. When parents visit our school they often comment on the calm and purposeful atmosphere that they experience. In the most recent Ofsted, behaviour at Alderman Knight School was judged to be outstanding:  


“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. The school is an exceptionally calm and ordered place. It is a very positive learning environment.”  (Ofsted, 2019)


We strive to ensure all pupils and adults feel safe and happy. Trust and co-operation are promoted and 

everyone’s self-esteem is enhanced. In order to do this, we have high expectations of all pupils and students and we aim to: 

• show and encourage respect and tolerance for each other and the school 

• value the contribution of everyone in the team 

• work in partnership with parents, carers and governors 

• encourage and reinforce good behaviour as a matter of collective responsibility 

• develop pupils understanding of the consequences of behaviour 

• work towards pupils and students developing greater understanding and awareness 


We have the rules for success which all pupils across the school follow: 

Behaviour for Learning table.JPG

Each pupil is allocated to one of our four houses when they join the school. Pupils are given house points as a reward for positive behaviours and significant effort in their work. We celebrate the pupils with the most house points on a weekly, termly, and yearly basis. Pupils accumulate house points through the academic year to work their way through the various levels of certificates. On a weekly basis, we celebrate the pupil in each tutor group that has achieved the most house points with a celebratory drink and snack on a Friday afternoon.  


We also make use of praise postcards for celebrating success with the pupils. Staff send the praise postcard home to the parents to celebrate an occasion or an achievement the pupil has accomplished.  

For full details on the Behaviour Policy please click here.

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