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 The History of AKS 

The History of Alderman Knight School

The name of Alderman Knight School is a tribute to the remarkable legacy of Alderman Frank H Knight MBE. Established in the late 1970’s, our school honours the memory of a man whose dedication to education and public service left an indelible mark on Tewkesbury.

Born in 1894, Frank Knight attended local schools before embarking on an apprenticeship in Tewkesbury. With the outbreak of World War One, he volunteered for Kitchener’s 3rd Army alongside his three brothers, two of whom tragically lost their lives in the conflict.

In 1917, Frank married Blanche Gregory and together they raised four children. His commitment to public service led him to become a magistrate in 1938 and later an esteemed member of Tewkesbury Borough Council. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, Frank’s influence extended as he served four terms as Mayor of Tewkesbury and represented the town on the County Council.

Despite leaving formal education at the age of 12, Frank Knight remained a lifelong learner, driven by a passion for education and a belief that it should be accessible to all. This dedication earned him the Freedom of the Borough of Tewkesbury in April 1967 and an MBE in 1970.

Alderman Knight School stands as a testament to Frank Knight’s vision, providing a nurturing environment where every pupil can thrive. As we continue his legacy, our dedication persists in nurturing a passion for learning and enabling upcoming generations to reach their full potential.

Though Frank Knight passed away in December 1981, his spirit lives on in every aspect of our school community, inspiring us to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world.

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Crystal and Harrison with a photograph of Alderman Frank H Knight MBE and his Freedom of the Borough of Tewkesbury

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