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 Pastoral Interventions 

At Alderman Knight School, the Pastoral Team also support pupils across the school with specific pastoral interventions. We recognise the value and importance in offering a range of pastoral interventions for pupils who require extra support to maintain their physical, social, emotional and mental health and well-being. Due to the small class sizes the expectation is that pupils will receive the support they require in the classroom setting wherever possible. However, if they do need a discrete bespoke session, each intervention will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the child.



If deemed the appropriate intervention, mentoring sessions give the pupils 1:1 time to be listened to and talk through what is on their mind. In general mentoring sessions focus on key difficulties and challenges in the young person’s life. The young person has the opportunity to talk through this and the mentor will help them order and rationalise their thought processes. Sessions include planning on how best to handle these difficulties and also strategies should be discussed on how to make them less of a challenge.

Therapeutic Well-being 

These sessions are facilitated by a dual qualified teacher/therapist. Referrals can be made for 1:1 intervention, but also 2:1 or small group sessions. Using a Total Communication approach and psychotherapeutic model the sessions will focus on building social and emotional resilience, nurturing relationships and friendships, behavioural support, mental health and well-being, strategies for addressing and coping with anxiety and stressful situations such as exams and times of transition. 

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a way for children to explore their feelings and thoughts at their own pace through the medium of play.  During sessions they will have access to a wide range of toys and resources including art/craft materials. clay, puppets, dressing up clothes, sand, small figures, musical instruments, books and games. 


Play therapy sessions usually take place once a week and last for about 40 minutes.  They take place in the same room at the same time each week, which helps to build a trusting therapeutic relationship.  Some children respond to a short intervention (around 12 weeks) but some children may need a much longer intervention.  Regular reviews will take place to discuss progress and to decide how many sessions are needed.

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