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We are committed to developing a collaborative and supportive educational community that extends beyond our school. By extending our outreach provision, we will be collectively shaping a brighter future for pupils and students in our local community. It is important to recognise that many young people, particularly those with SEND and specifically communication and interaction needs, may require alternative approaches to learning at different stages of their educational journeys. We are available to help and support local schools in developing effective and tailored support systems for pupils or students with communication and interaction needs.

The vision and mission of the Outreach service at Alderman Knight School is to support the educational experience for all pupils and students in our community. We aim to build bridges between schools and our local community, by sharing resources, expertise, and a spirit of collaboration to create a positive and enriching learning environment. We aim to improve outcomes for these young people within their school setting and beyond, whilst providing staff with increased confidence, knowledge, and skills.

We can offer:

  • In Class Observations: For individual pupils and the development of effective strategies and support.

  • Professional Development Workshops: Both tailored workshops and training sessions for teams, sharing best practice, inclusive teaching methods and strategies for engaging pupils with SEND specifically communication and interaction needs.

  • Resource and Strategies sharing: Through our Tewkesbury Inclusion Partnership we aim to exchange resources, strategies, technology tools and collaborative ideas to support SEND pupils in local schools.

  • Transition support: The development of transition plans and resources to support pupils during transitions to make this time of change less stressful.

  • Collaborative projects: We are interested in working with local schools, fostering partnerships and promoting understanding and shared learning experiences.


We can also offer time limited interventions where staff from the Outreach Team can work alongside staff in the local school, modelling and identifying strategies which will support inclusion and engagement in learning.


To request Outreach support, please email or telephone the Outreach team at Alderman Knight School 01684 295639

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