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Nick Lea_ Looking fresh(ish) on Day 1!.j

Mr Lea's 2.6 Challenge

Mr Lea is rowing for 26 minutes on a rowing machine for 26 days

Nick Lea_Day 1_4673m. We'll see how far

Day 1

After 26 minutes, 4673m, all without leaving the house.

This will be handy the next time Tewkesbury floods!

Day 2

Mr Lea Day 2.jpg
Day 3.jpg

Day 3

5463 m today......think I might have peaked!

Nice video of Mr Lea getting some coaching from the family!

Day 3

Day 4

Mr Lea Day 4 blister.jpg

5514m...…..and a blister, hands must be lovely and soft!

Day 5

5133m...…..was told I needed a slower day to consolidate any improvements, so more relaxed row today (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :-)

Day 6

Big effort and personal best 5526M!

Saturday and Sunday

Giving my body a rest on non-school days, it's a marathon not a sprint after all, a bit like the coronavirus lockdown.

Caused a lot of confusion for the cheerleader, 'Where are you Grampy, I can only find your trainers....and no music?!'

Day 7

A few distractions from the cheerleader this morning, excited to have me back, but only 5004m

Day 8

5303m today, getting back into my rhythm after the rest days!

Day 9

5303m...…….but had a bit of help from the support team at the end!

Day 9.jpg

Day 10

5381m and excitement reaching new levels...…..had to install makeshift barriers for crowd control!


Day 11

5487m today, struggled to get close to personal best and needed support from back up team to help with shoe removal!


Day 12

5479m, not a bad start to the week after two rest days but struggling to get back over 5.5 km! No support team today...…..might have made the difference???

Day 13

5507m: Hurrah, half way to completing my challenge, and all down hill from here! My son just said 'You do realise rivers are flat don't you dad?'

Managed to get over 5.5km again...…...judging by the puffing and panting it'll be a few days before it happens again!

Day 14

Day 14- 5275m, I'm not going to comment on today's effort, even the support team abandoned me! 

Day 15

5591m, novelty now worn off for the support team.....can't even get them into event site...but a personal best today, must be getting fitter!

Day 16

5437m, down a bit today but at least the support team's getting back to full fitness!


Day 17

5278m and a slow start to the week, target to achieve another personal best sometime this week...….only 9 more days!!

Day 18

5430m, slow start but strong finish, 8 days to go!

Day 19

5575m, close to personal best......7 days to go!

Nice to see some renewed enthusiasm from the support team today, until...…

A momentary distraction but, as is so often the way, quickly discarded!

Day 20

5374m, down a bit today....I should have done more heat acclimatisation! Support team absent due to other commitments, think we need a chat about priorities! But only 6 days to go...…….!

Day 21

5623m and a new PB...…………….5 days to go!

Day 22

5426m, struggled to find a rhythm this morning...……...couldn't get Dominic Cummings out of my head, only 4 days to go though!

Day 23

5537m...………...3 days to go and building to a big finish!

Day 24

5637m, and another personal best! Mounting excitement as we near completion sees return of the reluctant support team..…….2 days to go!

Day 25

Only 5127m today...……………..LAST DAY TOMORROW and excitement is palpable ( lovely 'T' shirt)!

Day 26


5657m, another PB and the challenge is complete! Huge thanks to my granddaughter for her excellent support and Mark Jarvis for all his efforts with the logs...…..without the log I may never have completed the challenge!!

Open challenge- I will donate £26 to the fund on behalf of the first person to email the correct distance I have rowed, in kilometres, and another £13 to the first person to email me the average distance rowed per day, in metres.

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