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Miss R Shaw's 2.6 Challenge

Introducing the Bath Time Buddies: (from left to right) Burt, Arnold, Hamish, Steve and Eunice.


Day 1: Burt and Arnold decided to video call Mum and Dad to make sure they were behaving themselves.

27.04.20 1_800x600.jpg
27.04.20 3_800x512.jpg

Day 2:  The Ducks decided to celebrate being able to buy toilet rolls

27.04.20 2_800x491.jpg
28.04.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 3: Whilst Eunice and Hamish decided to walk the dog, the boys took in the view.

29.04.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 4: Hamish, Burt and Arnold took the bike for a spin to pick up some much need essentials.

30.04.20 1 (Medium).jpg

Day 5: Ducks ASSEMBLE! Burt had got himself into trouble.

Day 5: Just in the nick of time.

30.04.20 2 (Medium).jpg

Day 6: Eunice and Steve had a simple ceremony on a local cliff top.

01.05.20 1 (Medium).jpg
01.05.20 2 (Medium).jpg

Day 6: I now pronounce you Duck and Wife.

Day 7: Steve and Eunice kept it local for their honeymoon: the front garden

02.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 8: The boys were hoping their new bait would catch them big fish they'd been waiting for

03.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 9: The farm animals were friendly and very low maintenance

04.05.20 2 (Medium).jpg

Day 10: Home made ramps in the back garden, what could go wrong

05.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 11: Eunice put the boys to work in the veg patch

06.05.20 1 (Medium).jpg

Day 11: Followed by a spot of lawn mowing

06.05.20 2 (Medium).jpg

Day 12: The Ducks made rainbows to show their support for the NHS

06.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 13: Arnold and Eunice hit the home gym

08.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 14: It was a shame they never saw the sea at Pebble Beach


Day 15: It was 'Pastry Week'. What would the judges think?

10.05.20 1-800x600.jpg

Day 15: And the winner is … Eunice!

10.05.20 2-800x600.jpg

Day 16: Arnold prepared to make the greatest dive of his life

11.05.20 1-800x600.jpg

Day 16: The scores were in...

11.05.20 2-800x600.jpg

Day 17: The newly weds took part in a quiz

12.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 18: The Ducks had a great time with their neighbours at the 'Stay In Your Own Garden Party'

13.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 19: There were some sneaky tactics being used to win the game of 'Hide and Seek'

14.05.20 (Medium).jpg

Day 20: "Watch out! You're not alone!"

15.05.20 1 (1) (Medium).jpg

Day 20: Hamish and Steve were in for a big surprise!

15.05.20 2 (1) (Medium).jpg

Day 21: They were supposed to be taking it in turns but Burt didn't want to share his Spa Day


Day 22: It was time for some home-schooling. Today's subject is lifeskills


Day 23: The Ducks worked hard to create Hamish a new wardrobe


Day 24: It was the first takeaway they'd had in months. They were determined not to waste a crumb!

19.05.20 (Small).jpg

Day 25: It was an epic battle to decide who would do the washing up. (3).jpg

Day 25: Sorry Burt, looks like it's your turn again (4).jpg

Day 26: The Ducks camped out under the nights sky to watch the stars.

21.05.20 (Small).jpg
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